Blender User Manual Analysis

Explored Systems



  • Users can edit it online quickly.
  • History of changes on a specific page is easily accessible.


  • No review process - anyone can edit it with false information or low quality writing.
  • Difficult to restructure, move large sections around.



  • Can use Git/SVN to track changes and plug into a review platform (e.g. Phabricator).
  • Each writer has the full file structure locally, allowing for batch-editing like find & replace.


  • Very technical setup - artists don’t want to spend 30 mins getting source, installing deps, and figuring out how to build before they can edit anything (leads to low number of contributors).

Ideal System

  • Easy to edit - does not require any complicated setup (encourages for writers).
  • Fun to edit - make it somehow enjoyable or rewarding, encourage people to keep writing.
  • Connected to review platform - to make sure contributions are not bad.
  • Ability to batch-edit - sometimes you need to change little things in many pages at once.