Node Wrangler

A vast suite of tools and shortcuts to speed up your node-based workflow.


A paid add-on that speeds up the workflow of a lighting artist by providing all the settings for all the lamps in the scene in a single convenient panel, dynamically adjusting the appropriate node tree in the background when necessary.

Auto Tile Size

Never worry about setting the render tile size again - this add-on automatically figures out what the best tile size is based on the render size, device used (CPU/GPU) and number of threads available.


A simple add-on that displays a list of materials and other node trees right in the toolbar of the Node Editor, allowing you to switch between different trees without leaving the Node Editor.


A work-in-progress add-on that shows what files (and what data from those files) is being linked into the current blend file

Useless Tools

A random collection of tools, shortcuts and properties that I use in my daily blending, located in a toolbar single panel for easy access.